User management

Administrators can register users, register for groups; and are allowed to register up to 7 levels of management and manage users with tags.

Managing students

Administrators can send emails to learners who have not completed each course. You can also set up automatic distribution in case of need.

Managing lecture content

Creating your own E-learning course is now easier than ever. We support video (MP4, v.v.), PDF, HTML and many other file formats.

Course settings

Administrators can set the maximum completion time for each course. At the same time, the administrator can issue a certificate of completion of the course at the end of the training course. You can also limit the accessible IP address.

Test/ Evaluation

Administrators can create a variety of test methods such as multiple choice tests, essay questions, and set a minimum score for each test. Thus, each student learning progress can be evaluated.

Managing assignments

With each assigned exercise, students can send the assignment in file format. At the same time, the instructor can also send the assessment back to students about the exercise.

Conduct survey

Administrators can create questionnaires to survey the result of the course. At the same time, the feature also helps users analyze feedback on lectures.

Manage progress

The administrator can manage academic records of attendance status, test results by course and by the user. These data can be downloaded and saved as CSV format of Excel software.

Notification feature

On the bulletin board, users can interact with each other. Depending on the content on the bulletin board, the administrator can set the view feature for each user object.

Online learning with trainers (Under construction)

Allowing users to interact directly with instructors as if they were in a classroom. Students and instructors can "see" each other; students can "raise their hands" to speak and ask questions, express the feeling of "interesting," or "confusing" with the content being studied with the available icons.



LMS helps business reduce costs for traditional training. In addition, LMS always recognizes and applies practical contributions from users and constantly improves efficiency making the software more user-friendly. “A multitude, longitude usage in one simple investment”.


Understanding the strict security requirements from customers, LMS is designed without using open source. Our data centers are managed under high security and low risk conditions, so training data and personal information will be kept at a maximum confidential level.


LMS is a friendly software because it allows users to use this software on multiple devices (computers, phones, tablets), and helps them easily access and use anytime, anywhere.

LMS excel in supporting business in tracking the data (learning progress, scores, …) of employees, thereby helping business have an overview of their training program, and adjusting timely and appropriately to improve the quality of training activities.


According to Active User


Monthly fee

Apply charge based on the number of login User
Apply on a small scale
Target: 50 people or more

According to Concurrent User


Monthly fee

Multiple Users can access at the same time
Opportunities for cost reduction when applied to a larger scale
Target: More than 500 people

According to



Full payment

Software is installed on the client server
Suitable for organizations with internal use intent
Only pay maintenance fees every month

General instructions for renting LMS systems of WorkPro see here.

After surveying customer needs, WorkPro will offer suitable options to fully exploit LMS, depending on the context of each business. For organizations that are not suitable to use this feature, WorkPro will especially consult and support these enterprises to use other options.



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